Tuesday, 27 November 2018

S U B C O U T U R E | Styled Outfits

Finally getting around to my Subcouture styled outfits! These clothes were released a few weeks ago and now everyone's had some time to think about the pieces and how they want to style them - I've been looking forward to wearing my new pieces, but already regretting not getting a few things, which is typical!
I found these pieces very quick to style, which is good, it means I'll be able to come up with more looks for them in the future. First up is the Aurora Leather Coat Gia Inspired, styled with more leather, I like the design on these trousers and the ruching on the boots paired with the texture on the coat. I think this piece for sure looks good in all black stylings, but still a little challenge to make sure all the pieces in the look stand out. Secondly the Oversized Padded Jacket - definitely a fun piece to style! I'm not sure why I picked out red striped to pair with it, but I like the look of the styling, the red sure catches your eye , and I like the contrast of the light trousers with the heavier jacket.
And the third styling, with the third jacket I bought, the Faux Fur Nya Coat which just seems so amazing, I love how snug it is and the oversizing of the design - I think it will have great use over the winter season! I love it paired with these darker tones, they make the white and the texture really stand out and it gets good use of florals in winter^ And finally wearing the Aurora Jewel Pants Gia Inspired which were my 'whim' purchase and I'm looking forward to trying out more styles. For now I've gone a little outside my usual style, but I love the look of this glittered sheer top with the trousers, I think it works out pretty well. I've paired a simple coat which helps balance the sheer and added matching accessories and I think overall it works out well to highlight the trousers very nicely =D

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