Wednesday, 14 November 2018

F A L L E N A N G E L | Styled Outfits

A little while ago now we got a new Fallen Angel release - while the style isn't one I usually go for, the store often has some great black basics to wear so it's always worth checking out! This time I went for the High Waisted Satin Trousers, a black pair of slim-leg trousers with a fantastic sheen to them^ I think they look very versatile and easy to wear when there's nothing else to choose.
I had two attempts at styling these, the first time around I was a little tired and put together 3 all-black stylings XD So I deleted those and took a fresh look, coming up with something a little more colourful! First up leopard print^ This printing is always going to look good with black, so I started with a classic styling for autumn weather and I think it works out nicely. I did find shoes a little challenging, as the length of the trouser paired with boots made the leg look a little short, so I tried to keep some ankle showing throughout the looks. Second up, I went with pink, because pink can work in this season too! This floral shirt with a black base works very nicely, as it's not too much of a contrast for the trousers, and it's got such a smart shape that it pairs with the style of the trousers very nicely - I also love the sheen of the shoes with the trousers too =) And finally, one of my favourite colours, yellow! This sweater sure brightens things up and I love the casual feel it adds and so also added some trainers and this bag worked out very nicely to match everything - definitely one of my favourite stylings with this sweater for sure =D

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