Monday, 5 November 2018

Basics Coats # W E S T Y L E I T

Another W E S T Y L E I T today, a trio, wearing the Basics Coats from the recent BASICS release - all in different colours! This coat comes in a choice of 6 colours, from the basics tones to the bold choices so there's a version for everyone^
Miloshki goes for the Basics Coat Grey, choosing the add with the layers beneath, having sparkle and splashes of colour and also fringing =) The colours on the dress really do stand out against the grey, the blues and purples being complementary tones to the grey, and it really adds a smart touch to the style. I like the glittery pieces too, the elongated sleeves definitely stand out! AudreyHepburn. takes us the the other end of the colour scale choosing the Basics Coat Blue - and again chooses fringing, the length of this coat being pretty perfect to show off skirt or dress fringing^ The black still looks good with the blue, but I do love the pastel being used in the top and also the bold blue crossbody to match. It's definitely not too much and I think the pieces work together very nicely =) Now I had already styled the Basics Coat Pink in my review, so this time I've turned to the Basics Coat Taupe which is another pretty versatile tone. I love the snakeprint against this colour, the tones in it really work well with the coat and the blue pops out really nicely - of course I had to add more of the print in the bag too, this one would work well with other clothing choices with this coat too. With all the prints going on I chose a minimal blouse, but I think it works well and keeps the focus on the printing =D

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