Thursday, 15 November 2018

L E D E C O R | Release Review

Another release that was some time ago now - LE Decor! I do love an LE Decor release, there's always some good little bits and pieces if nothing else, but quite a few good pieces this time! The advertising promotes warm and cosy in the winter which I really love the look of =D
Highlights This one was a two floor release, but the vibe doesn't quite fit the advertising, it's a little more Manhattan-apartment than cosy-lodge, but still looks pretty great and in a style which is popular at the moment. The interior looks good and certainly a design that is easy to style into =)
Furniture There are quite a few big furniture pieces in this collection, I'm such a fan of the seating choices this time! The LE Leather Sofa is a great central piece, the shape is cool and the colour is an easy one to style into rooms, I also love the cosy furry effect of both the Faux Fur Low Chair with it's golden metal legs and the Wooden Fur Chair with the fur as a throw. The tabletops are pretty good too, the side pieces being my favourites, either the LE Grey Cabinet which is front facing or the LE Grey Sidetable. The Kitchen Island LE isn't something I'd style, but it certainly makes for a focal point of a room!
Decor There are many great small pieces to add to your interior stylings in this release. Greenery always catches my eye first in these releases and this time there are 3 options, the Golden Flower Pot which is a large plant in a beautiful gold planter, the Clay Flower Vase which holds a delicate floral arrangement and then the Flowerpots On Stilts which is a modern set of cement and wood with smaller plant pieces. I love all 3 of them and think they will easily suit many interior styles =) Textiles are always an easy piece to pick up and work into an already complete suite room, I like both the Arden Pillow and Mongolian Pillow, along with the LE Throw Blanket which has an amazing chunky knit design to it. Of the rest, I definitely love the Side Table Lamp, the golden hue it has is great to style and works well with the colour tone theme of the release. And who can resist kittens! The Cats In A Box is adorable =D
Prices This release ranges from 23 to 120SD's, with only the interior that high above the 70SD pricetag. I think the prices are good for the pieces, but as it is LE, it's an SS/Royalty only store, and is limited in the number of pieces.
Styled Suite I jumped at the interior this time, I think it will be one that works with a lot of styles in the future, and I love the golden accent pops that come with the addition of the Faux Fur Low Chair, Side Table Lamp and Golden Flower Pot. I think it will be great to try different styles in this room come spring and summer, I think pastels will work beautifully in it^ The textile pieces add a lighter texture to the quite hard base of the room, and I think that works very well with the Arden Pillow for starters =)
Features A few fun features to show you, this first one is from alemilian, also using the interior and choosing a lot of pieces from this release including the LE Leather Sofa and the LE Grey Sidetable. I love the addition of the navy in this room, the colour pops and really catches your eye as it's not a typical choice with the browns and light tones used in the rest of the room.
And secondly JoannaClifford also makes use of the interior and LE Leather Sofa this time in a casual vibe with lots of small decor additions to the room including plants, which liven up the place^ I love the use of textiles, from the LE Throw Blanket to the floor cushions on the side, they look fab! Also loving this table choice, it looks fantastic and fits the room vibe perfectly =)

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