Friday, 23 November 2018

B Y M A L I N A | Release Review

Ok, another release that was a few weeks ago, but only getting to posting now - another 2 floors of By Malina! This is super exciting, it's still a pretty new store in the Plaza and I really liked the last release so I'm delighted for new pieces to try out =D
Highlights So while the first release was summer themed, this one is perfect for the winter party season with dark gem tones and fun designs! There are two floors and the release size is good - there aren't any new accessories with this release though, those are the same as the previous release, but I don't mind this, the clothing is good enough for me =)
Clothing The collection is really split into 3 themes, with re-colours available across the board: emeralds, pinks and black&white, which I really like, I feel like it works very nicely together. Black and white pieces are classic and will work in many looks, especially the By Malina Black Pants which are a skinny fit and a simple design, they will work well with many looks. Also in black are a few dresses, I like the style of the Carminie Mini Dress Black, which also comes in Green - the long sleeves are very nice and the lace detailing is intricate. I also like the sheer panelling at the neckline and on the sleeves, I think the style will be very sweet layered in the winter^ There are two pieces in white, the Saana Shirt which is similar to a dress with a long length, smart collar and cinched waist, which looks really great, and then also the Alice Blouse which has super feminine details, with a small collar, cutout details, frills and lace panels - I think both will be very easy to style up! While we're on the topic of tops, you can get the Rachel Blouse in Black or Pine Green - the lace details are clearer in the Green, but both look great, and they're very much paired with the Carminie Mini Dress in terms of style. The final dress to discuss is the Nora Dress Pine Green, a style you will recognise from the free pastel blue one we had in the spring and from the burgundy one we got in a Royalty release a few years ago - it's a cute style, I like it in the green! There are a pair of co-ords, the Erin Blazer in Pine Green and Aubergine, then the matching Gloria Pants also in Pine Green and Aubergine and I think they just look divine =D The sheeny texture looks great and I love the pinstripe-esque look. I've not seen anyone wear either of the colours yet, I'm not 100% convinced how well they'll fair in terms of being versatile, but I'm willing to try it out! And of course I cannot forget the Pam Faux Fur Coat which is adorable in pastel pink and looks super snug, a great piece for the winter season, and reminding us that pink can work at this time of year too^
Prices The release ranges from 17 to 29SD's, a small range with a higher bottom price, but remember it's just clothing and no accessories. The pieces aren't SS or Royalty limited, which is good too!
Styled Outfits I had a great time putting together these looks, such fun and easy pieces to work with^ I've styled the Pam Faux Fur Coat in a very 'typical me' way - neutral trousers and a pink sweater - I struggled a little with choosing a bag, but really I don't think the look necessarily needs one! Then I've worn the Alice Blouse with fancy denim, I think the pieces pair together very nicely, and I'm highlighting the blouse even more with the white accessories. These pieces have feminine touches which work well with the blouse =) And finally the Gloria Pants Pine Green in the most wintery styling of the set - I did resize these a little for a slightly better fit and I think that makes them a better pair of trousers^ The colour works well with this sweater, I didn't really intend to go for all green,  but it works! I accessorised with black, pointed heels seemed a must, and I like the chunky hoops in the styling too =D
Features As I was away when this store was released, I didn't have a chance to do my usual search for features, but I did come across one - this awesome look from margaridalopes2! This look features the Pam Faux Fur Coat which stands out against the white clothing in the look, doesn't this blouse look fantastic?! The design really stands out and pairs well with the femininity of the coat. I love the minimal accessories, the perspex heels and the light glasses with the great lip colour!

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