Sunday, 25 November 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Hotbuys Wide Trousers

For me it was obvious what this months 'piece' would be to style up - the Hotbuys Wide Trousers from Bizou! Just about everyone has them and I've seen them styled in so many different ways. I loved them from first sight anyway, but they've really lived up to my expectations! I don't make a habit of styling up the Hotbuys before the review, but I did it back in August with the Gucci Inspired T-Shirt and loved it, so think this will work just fine =)
 Snakeprinting style is still alive and strong
The tones of the snakeprint pieces we've had recently just play very well to the tone of these trousers, they all just work out very nicely! The trousers work very well with both darker and lighter based prints which give you a totally different vibe to the look. The light will be perfect for spring, while the dark is what I want to wear at the moment.
The more sweaters the better!
So last month one set of looks was also 'Sweater Weather' but it's still here - and these trousers fit it equally well as the last! I found these to be versatile when it came to both shape and colour, I love the striped design but also the oversizing equally as much - the yellow sure gives it a pop! Booties are great here for warmth, and I have to say I've gone all out on the accessories ... bags, hat, sunglasses, you name it!
Keeping toasty in the winter weather
Jackets and thick knits are winning pieces for winter, and the beige-y/brown tones are great right now and will be in the future as they're pretty classic. This pair of looks really combines the last two, the leopard print tone works perfectly with the trousers and I adore the touches of burgundy, while the thick beige knit just looks super snug - but still stylish paired with heels =)

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