Saturday, 24 November 2018

V I N Y L | Styled Outfits

Another release that happened while I was away wad new VINYL! It's not entirely my thing, but usually there are a couple of versatile pieces that will work for most styles - this time I've picked up two! I loved the neutral tone of the NABOO Sweater with it's frill-designed sleeves, it looks like a great autumn/winter piece, bringing flair to something that might otherwise be very minimal. In my stylings I found it easy to choose pieces to work with it, I love a neutral base and both this skirt and these cool trousers fit the bill but adding a little something special. The colour of the trousers sure pops, and I luckily found a perfectly matching bag, it looks great! And adding the Snakeskin Mules isn't too much I think, I like the continuity of the pattern^ And then it really pops out in the final look by choosing white and cream tones - I love the shoes with this cream coat particularly, it's a combination I'll definitely be taking into the spring and in next autumn I'm sure!

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