Saturday, 24 November 2018

B L A C K F R I D A Y | The Stardoll Lookbook Sale Guide

This 'Black Friday' weekend brings us a Plaza sale! 50% off a selection of stores - last year there were clothes for sale, this year it's a small selection of Decor and Beauty stores to choose from and I think there are some great bargains to be had =) There's no date on the offer, but I think we should assume it will last the whole weekend, but don't delay if you want to pick something up as you never know when the offer will be gone^ I'm focusing on Decor with my choices, as I'm not good with jewellery, but there are many pages of earrings, necklaces and more available, Epiphany definitely stands out to me for sure!

There are so many great lighting pieces to be had, and this time I'm drawn to the floor lamps as these ones are typically a little more pricey than the table lamps - these picks have bright colours which will attract attention to any suite room!
Red Sophisticated Lamp, Fashion Furniture, 12SD's 6SD's
Girandola Lamp, Fantasy Hotel, 14SD's 7SD's
Seating is another piece that comes at a cost, but can be super beautiful and a focal point of a room - there are great designs to choose from, but I'm looking at fun versatile stripes and then something a little cosy in these choices =)
Striped Linen Sofa, Fantasy Hotel, 26SD's 13SD's
Velvet Crimson Sofa, Fallen Angel Decor 18SD's 9SD's
'The rest' as such, there are many great smaller items, including artwork, but these pink and gold themed pieces are my last picks because they're super stunning! Gold is my favourite accent in a room, and I'm sure many of you also like it, and many of you have your own favourite - for me gold is easy to work with^
Papavero Painting, Pretty 'N Love Decor, 13SD's 7SD's
Tornado Round Table, Pretty 'N Love Decor, 14SD's 7SD's
Pink Velvet Retro Chair, Popshop, 16SD's 8SD's

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