Saturday, 17 November 2018

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

This weekend we have brand new Subcouture! I feel like we've been waiting for this one for a while =) The advertising is current and I'd say the stylings look pretty street-based which a lot of people really enjoy right now.
Highlights This release is the usual size of 2 floors of looks and I'd say they're pretty well all themed together, I can see the flow and the ideas behind the choices. There are 11 outfits in total, 2 of which are for male dolls which is a good inclusion. Overall I'll say there's a lot of neon, which isn't so much for me, but it's still a nice release that I think will be popular with many members =)
Accessories This collection has mostly shoes and bags, but a few additional pieces too, like the Black Subcouture Belt which is a pretty basic and versatile piece, the Neon Square Sunglasses and the Metal Chain Necklace. There are 4 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of boots and 2 of trainers - really these styles are not much my thing, there's a lot of neon accents included but I do really like that the Balenciaga Inspired Triple S Sneakers come in Womens and Mens styles, as are the Balenciaga Inspired Triple S Neon Sneakers available in Womens and Mens styles, that's a really good thing to have =)
Clothing I've mentioned a few times, this release isn't so much my thing, so it'll be quite brief on mentions of clothing - the brands included are ones that people have continually been requesting for, so some people are very glad Stardoll is listening, eventually^ One thing I am on board with though is the outerwear, I think it's great in this collection and definitely has a versatility to it, you can wear the pieces with many styles =) The Faux Fur Nya Coat looks super snug and a great winter investment, the furryness will always be popular, and being in white it is versatile and adds a lightness to looks and the rest of the store! The Aurora Leather Coat Gia Inspired is also pretty cool, I love the overcoat style, so this is perfect, and the leather has a great colour and texture to it, it will definitely stand out in looks. And finally the Oversized Padded Jacket, there have been many of these in the past, but usually in limited number releases and so I've always missed out due to their popularity - this one is good to add to my wardrobe =) I like the fit and length, and that the colour is almost navy instead of black^ While the Warrior Leopard Jacket is also a padded piece, I can't get on board with it, it's not the classic styling of animal print that I prefer. There are quite a few pairs of trousers in this release, I've gone for the Aurora Jewel Pants Gia Inspired to try, but am loving the silhouette of the Astrid Pants Gia Inspired and the leather texture of the GIA Inspired Leather Pants. There are several tops to choose from, the Asha Mesh Top is quite pretty, I like the sleeves and the ties around the waist, but it's very sheer, and I also really like the design of the Gucci Inspired Sweater for the guys, the print on the front is beautiful and the teal colour of the piece is great! There are also a couple of mini dresses, the Adam Selman Inspired Dress which is in the slip style which I like, but I'm not a fan of the neon design on the front, and then the Belted Neck Strapless Dress which is a minimal black piece which looks great on the doll and I think will layer really nicely in the upcoming party season - I think I might give this one a go!
Prices This release ranges from 16 to 50SD's, which is on par with previous releases, and only one piece is at the top end of the range. The pieces are not limited to SS or Royalty members, which is good, but are limited by time - they're only in the Plaza this weekend! I like that, as it gives a little time to really think if you want to buy something or not =)
Features I'll be posting my stylings later this month, but for now some features! First up is Jacquemus wearing the Aurora Leather Coat Gia Inspired in this super cool styling - even with dark tones in the clothing, the coat still pops because of the texture and I love that! It looks great with the greys and blacks and this outfit really makes me excited to wear it myself. The slicked back hairstyle works perfectly for the vibe of this styling^
Secondly we have Marta-43 wearing the Gucci Inspired Sweater which I love! This skirt is a great piece matching the print on the sweater really nicely, and also the red of the accessories, those look fabulous^ The shirt under the sweater looks great too, I think the sweater really pops in the styling and this look definitely influences my want to have this piece!
And lastly for the features, Mia1435 wearing the matching Aurora Jewel Pants Gia Inspired and Aurora Jewel Tube Top with the Neon Square Sunglasses. I think the neon base for the stylings is a great touch, the new pieces really pop against it, I love the shoes used and the furry pieces wrapped around the hips - super glamorous styling =D

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