Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Orange Juice after Toothpaste

I wanted to call this post 'Same Shirt Different Day' but I didn't want to get told off...so...

Are you bored of this sweatshirt yet? I'm nOT. 

The colours in it are great in the same way that drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth makes your soul cringe and I love that. 

I'm giving you more of a dressed-down vibe because I only really know how to put a coat on a look and I call it fashion. I'm still on a fringe kick too so I've injected a couple of cerulean accents to pop against the orange and warm brown. 

These trousers are so underrated by the way. I like them as an alternative to jeans thanks to their suede-y, lil' bit country, lil' bit rock n roll texture which is pleasantly incongruous with a tailored coat and a boot. The next time you find yourself veering toward an ankle-cropped mom jean, why not try a pair of weird brown bootcuts instead? What's there to lose?

Ingredients | You Will Need
Gucci Inspired Sweater | Subcouture
Paris Lover Sweater | Hot Hot Buys 
Crisp White Cami | The JetSet
HotBuys Wool Trench Coat | Bonjour Bizou
Brown Suede Effect Pants | Trails
HotBuys Blue Tassel Earrings | It Girls
Jaquemus Inspired Blue Belt | Subcouture
Balenciaga Inspired Orange Shoulder Bag | Inspired by Balenciaga Tribute
Point Boots | Nelly.com

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