Saturday, 10 November 2018

Standing Straight

Hello Strike-a-Pose! I just happened to open the store at the right time and picked up everything right at the start. I had two absolute favourites - the yellow coat accessory and these velvet boots - together with a midi dress or skirt you can finally pose your doll without the Angelina Jolie leg sticking out!

This floral Balenciaga skirt is perfect because it's slightly asymmetrical. You get to see one peek of the knee, but the other is hidden, helping with the illusion of having your legs straight together. I wanted to pair it with the complete opposite, so I went for leather to toughen it all up.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Faux Leather Turtleneck Top | Fallen Angel
Floral Pleated Asymmetrical Skirt | Inspired by Balenciaga Tribute
Hanging Wool Coat | Strike a Pose
Black Knee High Boots | Strike a Pose
HotBuys Fringe Earrings | Fallen Angel 
Embellished Velvet Pouch | Fallen Angel

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