Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Chanel Inspired Jacket # W E S T Y L E I T

Our next W E S T Y L E I T post today, featuring the Chanel Inspired Jacket which came out in the latest LE release and is such a cute and trendy piece^ But while it is trendy, it definitely is unique and doesn't have the most versatile style to it - but we've taken on the challenge of styling this piece without it's paired skirt!
Miloshki is going for gold with the styling, I think the colours of the jacket work super well with the golden skirt, it's for sure something to work with in the future! The white base and the white of the trainers work with the piping on the jacket. The colourful accessories pop out against the somewhat neutral colours, the lips and earrings are very eye catching =)
For my look I tried many different pieces and did find a few options, so it's a little more versatile than I was imagining. These white trousers highlight the piping on the jacket and then I used accessories to bring out the golden, nude and sparkling tones in the jacket tweed. I really like how this has worked out and I think the jacket holds its place as the focal point of this outfit!

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