Wednesday, 28 November 2018

V E L V E T O R C H I D | Release Review

The next latest release in the Plaza - Velvet Orchid! This store can be quite hit or miss for me in terms of styles, but from the advertising I think it looks interesting with a mix of colours and designs. I'm looking forward to seeing what the whole store includes^
Highlights The release is the usual size for this type of store. The theme seems to be pretty mixed, with a range of colours and styles - somewhat different to the usual Velvet Orchid releases, but I quite like it, it gives me options =)
Accessories There are a mix of pieces available, but mostly shoes and bags. There are boots, flats and heels in the shoe category, which is a very good range - I'm immediately drawn to the Leather Sock Boots. These are a great winter boot and I wish I could have included them in this months Plaza Picks post! They look great on the doll too, a classic style that I think will last well. The Velvet Black Loafers also look pretty good, the shape is unique and then sheen really catches your eye. I also very much like the look of the Chain Stiletto Shoes, they look very smart, and a bonus in SC's =) The Croc Leather Fannypack looks to be a popular piece, the belt-bag trend is still going strong and this one stands out in the pack.
Clothing So the clothes are quite different to the previous releases - there's a mix of styles and colours, so I think there might be a little something for everyone in this release. There are lights, darks, casual and smart pieces. The dresses aren't so much my thing, but I love the look of the Silver Tuxedo Dress, it's a style of blazer dress that's been modernised, I love the metallic colour, but I don't find the fit flattering enough for me. There are also a couple of one-pieces/jumpsuits, the Velvet Jumpsuit in navy is super cool, but not so much a versatile piece, whereas the Cutout Crepe Bodysuit is super versatile and will make some cool winter stylings I think. There are quite a few shirts in the release. The Floral Print Organza Blouse is super pretty, I like the black outlining, but the sheer fabric makes the pattern a little difficult to see. The Ruffle Pink Top is also very pretty, it looks like it would be much more suited to Pretty 'N Love! The fit is great and the design is very unique. The Hammered Silk Satin Top, and paired with the Huddersfield Pants are a sporty set - I like the Top, but not so much the Pants with their jogger-style. There are a lot of other trousers on offer though, I like the Satin Trimmed Pants in a beautiful burgundy with a straight leg fit, and the Panelled High Rise Jeans are a cool denim style, with a super tight waist and a loose leg - the design on these is pretty cool and unique, you'll stand out for sure in them!
Prices The prices range from 11 to 23SD's, and there are a couple of pieces in SC's. Nothing is SS or Royalty limited. I think the prices are ok for the pieces =)
Styled Outfits I bought a few pieces, although I definitely think I need some perfecting with them! First up the Two Tone Wool Trench Coat, in navy it's a little different to the outerwear I usually go for - but I went all navy for this one, although I think it makes my doll look a little short so I need to work on colour combinations for it. Secondly the Hammered Silk Satin Top in quite a different styling for me, this red skirt is a good fit for the styling and I like the use of black accessories as something to draw the eye to different parts of the look. And finally the Leather Sock Boots which I've found work with many pieces, naturally I chose my current favourite skirt, the leather of the boots really pops out against the silk nicely - I'm so pleased with these =)
Features There are a number of features to share with this release^ First up we have 3Siostry styling the Chain Stiletto Shoes in a very classy way - the all black look with detailed belt is perfect for the shoe style and they really pop at the hem of the tan overcoat, I love it!
Next up we have Marta32222 styling the Floral Print Organza Blouse which works well layered with this black base as it lets the floral design really stand out and be visual - the orange tones in the pattern look great and pop with the bold use of accessories =D
This look from Marta-43 styling up the Croc Leather Fannypack is minimal yet effective, I love it! It stands out against the matte base of the tee and trousers and I like the layered of the belts together, it works well against the stripe beneath it. Plus that neck bow is super extra^
In the fourth feature, Mia1435 makes use of both the Hammered Silk Satin Top and the Velvet Black Loafers together in a look that reminds me a little of Michael Jackson, it's the hat for sure! I like these tied trousers with both the pieces, I think they work well for the styles, and the red socks and lip addition are very nice =)
And finally, millaxx wearing many pieces - the Floral Print Organza BlousePanelled High Rise Jeans, the Triangle Bra, and Croc Leather Fannypack - everything looks great together! I think they work out and there's not a single piece pulling all the attention. These shoes are great with the styling, perfect with the Bag for sure!

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