Friday, 2 September 2016

R O Y A L T Y | Release Review

The start of the week brought us a brand new Royalty release - and I feel like we've been waiting a little while for this one because there was a sale earlier in the summer. It sure was worth the wait though I think! And I love these advert models, super natural and beautiful =D Let's check out what's on offer:
So we have two floors of new pieces to enjoy! The vibe really feels spring/summer feminine, I really love this as a whole, it's just what I've been wanting without knowing it I think^ Yes so I'm a huge fan of the feminine styles and designs in this release so I'm definitely excited to review this release =D
Firstly accessories, which is a pretty small category. There are two pairs of heels, both pretty different from each other, the dark floral Royalty Alaia Inspired Heels an the lighter detail-strapped Royalty Alaia Inspired Suede PVC Heels. Definitely easy to pick up both pairs but for right now I gravitated to the darker pair as they'll definitely make a good change from my usual black strapped pairs that I wear! There's also two bags, the beautiful Gucci Inspired Flower Handbag with gorgeous print in a pretty mint colour and delicate chain then the very affordable Royalty Stella McCartney Inspired Bag in a stylish crossbody design - both of these pieces are great and their dissimilarity makes both of them attractive pieces for purchase! Lastly two other pieces included in the accessories - Royalty Oscar De La Renta Inspired Earrings and Royalty Vintage Pearl Sunglasses. I'm a huge fan of the sunglasses, they have a fab shape and colour, and are also very flattering suiting a lot of different face shapes, definitely a winner there!
And the clothing! There's an emphasis on dresses/onepieces with 5 to choose from in a good range of styles and colours. I'm a huge fan of the two on the first floor - the Royalty Big Bow Blue Dress and Royalty Laser Cut Dress. The colours of the pair of them are amazing and vibrant, they really stand out, especially the red! The shapes and styles are great, they've been thought out well and have been designed pretty perfectly I'd say =D There's also the very smart Royalty Roksanda Inspired Dress in a pretty pink shade. The shape is great, especially those sleeves, which are a good feature to this piece. For something a little more edgy there is the Royalty Ruffled Lace Dress. I love the skirting and the high neck, but there are a lot of cutout sections which definitely make this slightly harder to style, however I don't think that will put a lot of you off the piece! And lastly in that category, the Royalty Burberry Inspired Mint Trench Coat - I really fell for this one as soon as I'd seen it because that colour and patterning is super dreamy. It is one of the more expensive pieces, but I think it's worth it for some of the awesome stylings which could come from it^ Next there are also 5 bottomhalves to pick from, and alike the dresses there are a range of styles to go for. So 2 skirts this time, a midi and a mini in the Royalty Lace Floral Skirt and Royalty High Waisted Pink Shorts (I really think they're like a skirt^) respectively. Colours are great, but I think the design of the Royalty Lace Floral Skirt really stands out in the collection and makes it a hugely popular piece from the store. The contrasting waistband is a nice style feature and the blue is a perfect shade for the piece. The only downside is the insert underneath, now I don't notice this when it's on my doll because it matches my skintone very well, but I think other dolls are unhappy about this - one solution would definitely have been to make it blue, or even just sell it sheer so we could pick and choose what to wear beneath. However I do like the inclusion of it so the sheer factor isn't offputting. The other 3 bottoms are trousers, and I simply adore the Royalty Wide Leg Trousers. Great colour, great shape, they look great on the doll - I really couldn't ask for anything more in a piece! I'm also quite fond of the Royalty White Knot Detail Jumpsuit Pants, I think they definitely have a versatility factor and are in a cute cropped style which is hugely popular right now. And lastly in the clothing, some tops, and again, 5 pieces to choose from! Three really stand out to me, the Royalty Gucci Inspired Hearts Jacket, Royalty Black White Floral Blouse and Royalty Victorian Lace Blouse. The Gucci is definitely quite a different piece with the contrast of the pink and green colours and the collar, but actually I think the quirks make it an attractive piece, plus you'll see a great feature with it below and that alone really makes me want to purchase it^ The two blouses are very sweet and feminine and very wearable. For me, the Victorian Lace Blouse is too similar to my skintone to make it stand out or see the lace detailing, so unfortunately that one will have to be a miss. I love the Black White Floral Blouse however, the colours work well on my doll and the sheer fabric isn't too sheer at all, it's an easy sheer to go with really =)
Prices for this collection range from 11 to 26SD's and there are a couple of pieces priced in SC's, so I think that's pretty good, average for Royalty releases I'd say for sure. As the name of the store suggests too, the pieces are available for Royalty members only.
A couple of styled outfits now with some of my top picks from the release! First up the Royalty Big Bow Blue Dress. I love the contrast between these blue shades so knew I had to include these accessories, also love the smart blazer with the dress, plus it's a SC piece^ Secondly the Royalty Lace Floral Skirt in a smart style. I loved pairing this with white to let the blue and detail stand out, also couldn't resist giving these pointed heels an airing, I think they suit the skirt very well! And lastly the Royalty Wide Leg Trousers in what seems to be becoming a sort of typical look for me. The blouse has a great complimentary shade and the black trim helps match black accessories like this bag and jacket =D
And a couple of features to round it off! First up is B.E.A.T.A going with the Royalty Lace Floral Skirt in a cool spring-summer style with the versatile bandeau top. The accessorising totally makes it in this look with the cool pastel structured bag and the strapped heels, the black around the ankles really ties in nicely with the waistband of the skirt and the chocker too^
Next is Isabella8103 with the Royalty Gucci Inspired Hearts Jacket and Gucci Inspired Flower Handbag in this feminine summery look - what a way to wear this dress too, I think it's a perfect fit together =D
And lastly miver going with a whole lot of pieces, the Royalty Wide Leg Trousers, Royalty Victorian Lace Blouse and Gucci Inspired Flower Handbag. The pieces work well in this chic ensemble and the makeup really stands out too with the blushed cheeks and a pretty pink lip - the hair is also a great choice!

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