Friday, 14 September 2018

B Y M A L I N A | Release Review

Our final August clothing release was a brand new store - By Malina! I love a new store, there's a fresh excitement that comes with it and the brand it's bringing to the Plaza. We've already had a little dip into the By Malina brand before and it gave a great impression, so a whole store is definitely welcome!
Highlights Two floors of elegant stylings in this brand new release, overall with a range of styles within the category. The pieces are very close to the original designs and I like the variety available - although no male pieces in this release. And also the interior is pretty fabulous!
Accessories It's pretty small on the accessories front with just a focus on shoes - there are 3 pairs in a classic style. Two of them are mules, the Bow Mule Black which I love, and the Petrol Mules which are in the same design but in a teal-esque tone. For me the Black pair have a greater versatility. Also in the teal you can get the Lace Booties Petrol which are a peep-toe laced ankle boot, again, not really my style mostly down to the colour.
Clothing The clothes are definitely the stronger point of the collection, the focus is on skirts and dresses, of which there are 6 pieces and then a couple of co-ords and tops. I really like the mix of pieces, and even though there is a more feminine direction I think a lot of people will find something that works for them. So of the dresses and skirts = 2 maxi, 3 midi and 1 mini which I think is a good choice. I'm not such a fan of the maxi dresses, although I like the cold shoulder design on the Reina Dress By Malina and the ruffling on the waist of the Abbi Maxi Dress By Malina, and both of these are in blue tones. The midi pieces are pretty good, and include the Ellie Skirt By Malina which looks super versatile in black and has an asymmetrical hem and a good overall fit. Both the Othelia Dress By Malina and the Amore Dress By Malina definitely have the design factor with amazing cutout lace detailed panels on the Othelia in black with a full skirt, and the lace bodice with feathered skirting on the pink Amore - these are super cute pieces! The mini style is also super cute, the Ginger Dress By Malina which has a flounced skirt with long sleeves and a great colour and lace detailed design. The shirts are great, the same pink palm print in two styles which is such a fab idea =D The Phoebe Blouse By Malina is a long sleeved, long, collared piece, and then there's the Phoebe Blouse Tucked In By Malina which tucks at the waist, has a more loose relaxed collar and rolled sleeves - I think this idea has been super popular! Of course the co-ords stood out to me immediately, I love anything with a good pair of trousers =D The India Blazer and Trousers By Malina are the first set - they are in a metallicy-sheen green colour which is super fresh and will be great next spring. The Trousers are cropped and the Blazer is structured and open - a really good combination^ The second set is darker in black, the Joy Blazer and Trousers By Malina which looks very smart. While they are darker than the rest of the styles, I love the design of these pieces, there's so much versatility, especially in the Trousers!
Prices This release ranges from 12 to 28SD's, which I think is pretty decent and average. Nothing is SS or Royalty only either, which is great for these fab elegant designs =)
Styled Outfits I tried to work on more autumnal stylings for this one, and I think there is some success! First up the Phoebe Blouse Tucked In By Malina which I did find a little tricky styling, so I'm thinking I should have gotten the other one! Oh well, I like the colours in this styling, the greens in the shirt were perfect for these trousers and the bag and the cream coat and accessories add such a neutral feel to the look. Really loving the shirt neckline though =) Next up the Joy Blazer and Trousers By Malina, styled together but they work well apart too. I went for red accents, but I wish the tones had matched a little better! And thirdly the Bow Mule Black which I am loving so much, what a great shoe! There are so many options for these, they will look fabulous with many trousers, but I've gone with a printed dress so the block colour of the shoes would stand out, I really like this one^
Features The India Blazer By Malina was a hugely popular choice, I was a little surprised as I was sure the Joy Trousers By Malina would have been the big hit - but starting off with several looks with this piece! Claudentia styles the Blazer with great similar tones, including the Phoebe Blouse By Malina, a great pairing. I love this Fendi bag with the pair so much, it's just the perfect colouring^ And also the earrings, those look fantastic and really are highlighted in the styling, as well as the beauty look =D
Mia1435 wears the Blazer as a standout colour, and it looks amazing against the dark base of the floral trousers, it's super complimentary to these tones and I love it! The belts are the perfect choices for the trousers and I like them styled over the untucked white top, it's a great piece with the Blazer too^ This bag is also the cutest piece!
And finally with this Blazer, millaxx rocking it up with the matching Trousers - a great suit styling! They look fantastic together and there's a great masculine-style vibe coming from the look. Love this neutral shirt underneath and the use of the darker belt, it's perfect with the bag too, the body of which matches the colours of the clothing perfectly but the clasp is a little darker, super love this combination^
And a feature with a different piece, isabella8103 styling up the Amore Dress By Malina, super cute and girly! I love the use of mostly the skirt and paired with an equally feathered jacket, the colours are perfection together and of course not forgetting feathers with the shoes either! Super stand out =) The white accessories really pop, and the pale pink lip colour is spot on for the styling =D

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