Saturday, 24 November 2018

Like a Fine Wine

I'm pretty sure this is my 150th feature? I can't believe how quickly it's come around. My style has evolved, changed and matured hopefully, indeed, like a fine wine. 

Or maybe I've just got more dramatic. It's probably that. Thank goodness for this oversized Valentino inspired coat then. 

I decided to lean in to the dark 30s film star quality and accessorised with a mysteriously-widowed-so-young veil. I also decided to add that lovely burgundy to bring warmth to the centre of the look. Her heart's not cold, just three sizes too small. 

My favourite thing about this coat is that you can't see my doll's hands, giving me the perfect opportunity to use the new Strike a Pose gloves. The vibe of this coat isn't exactly versatile, but being able to customise her gestures is endlessly funny to me. This particular pose makes me think of begging at the altar of the gods of fashion asking 'Please, sir. Can I have some more?'

Ingredients | You Will Need
Valentino Inspired Oversized Coat | Voile
Beyonce Met Gala Headpiece | Museum Mile
Black Crystal Earring | Nelly.com
Red Leather Gloves | Strike a Pose
Black Subcouture Belt | Subcouture
Byredo Inspired Handbag | Runway
HotBuys Balmain Inspired Leather Boots | Rio

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