Saturday, 13 January 2018

With Fendi-s Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

A-Class pun in the title there, I know. 

I decided to style my favourite Fendi purchase on the simpler side today. It's got quite a few competing elements already - an unusual, bright shade of green, laser cut hem in a leaf design AND visible stitch details. That's a lot of look already, so throwing on too many things would probably be overwhelming. 
I've added some relatively neutral accessories and although the stripes are bold, the graphic quality of the shoes and bag reflect the lines of stitching quite nicely without introducing too many new colours. 

Ingredients / You Will Need
Green Laser Cute Skirt | Fendi Tribute
Cropped Turtleneck | Evil Panda
Silver Daisy Harness | Millionaire Mansion Fashion
Box Sunglasses | Nelly.com
Fold Over Striped Galore Bag | Antidote
Graphic Stripe LE Pumps | Limited Edition

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