Wednesday, 17 January 2018

I N S P I R E D B Y F E N D I | Styled Outfits

Ah finally some more stylings from our recent Inspired By Fendi release! I was really surprised at how many pieces from this release that I purchased ... lets not think about that large cost! So I styled some of the skirts in my review, and now it's time for the tops =D
I have to say, I was expecting this to be relatively easy, and in some ways it was and some not! I thought these would all perfectly fit in with my wardrobe but actually they didn't so much and I had more troubles that I assumed I might. First up the Thin Knitted Turtleneck, and the only piece I could get to look ok with these were these trousers, not that I'm complaining, I like the trousers, but I thought this top would have been more versatile than that. I do like what I've got in the end, with the neutral overcoat and heels with detail in the gold belt, but I think I will need a lot longer with this top to find a great way to wear it without covering it up too much. Secondly the Sheer Turtleneck, and while I knew I wanted to pair this with navy, it was hard to veer away from the navy trousers that it looks so good with as that's what everyone's been pairing together! I ended up with this navy mini, which I really like, but maybe not for winter as I don't have navy tights^ I think the black tights and boots look ok with the look, but it's not a favourite styling. My favourite styling is the last one, wearing the Fendi Inspired Diagonal Silk Blouse, which was a piece I was a little unsure about at first before buying as I wasn't sure how much it suited my style, but I really like it in this styling! It's a great match with everyone's favourite brown trousers, but the struggle definitely came in the 'do I tuck or not' decision, as this top looks much better not tucked into the trousers, but it feels natural for me to do so. Luckily this brown overcoat came to the rescue, I think it looks amazing with these pieces and definitely helps show off the top just the way I want to =D

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