Friday, 12 January 2018

See Thru Dot Skirt | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This recent styling from Zeszyteres featuring the RIO See Thru Dot Skirt very much reminded me about this piece and that I should style it, so I decided to make a Styled post out of it! It's such an old piece that you really don't see out and about much, so I guess some newer users won't know this one, but it sure is popular and it's a pretty great one with a fantastic overall style about it - I love the colouring, so different to other pieces in the plaza, and the shape and fit on the doll is nice, it's a pretty lasting one^
Zeszyteres' look really shows off all of the skirt, I love the neutral pairing with the open loose blouse (another old popular) and the black sandals, I think they look great with the skirt; then the rest of the accessories are really quite glamorous, the chunky gold earrings and the LV-based bag, and it was this cool bag choice for the skirt that inspired me to make a different bag choice in my own styling =) So I chose this gemstone-golden-strap-crossbody and actually I really love its look with the skirt, it's a surprise match and I love it^ I couldn't not wear my favourite coat with the look when it's the perfect fit for the look, and it was easy to find other pieces to continue the match. Also wearing some earrings, these are a cute minimal addition.
I'm glad for this opportunity to revitalise this piece and I think I'll try and wear it more often in the future =D

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