Wednesday, 3 January 2018

G I F T - O - M E T E R | Feature Set

A little bumper of a 'Feature' this afternoon - a set of looks wearing pieces from the Holiday Gift-O-Meter in preparation for tonight's post of my own stylings from the gifts^ There's still time to add to the meter to gain any of these gifts if you're feeling inspired by these features!
First up is jessiedaz wearing the Saint Laurent Inspired Acid Denim, which are the second prize (30SD price point). This look is street style based, with the darker tones of the jeans drawn out by the vest and the super high platform boots. I love the bright pop of the jacket, and I love the styling of it held behind the forearms and behind the waist =)
Next up is something a little more dressed up, Roqerio wearing the Gucci Inspired Cream Skirt - this is the 4th gift in the meter (80SD price point). The skirt stood out to me in the look from the gold Gucci logo on the belt standing out between the lapels of the blazer. The colour contrast between them is great too, and the shirt is a smart fitting choice. I quite like the style difference of the fishnet tights in the look as well, but love the matching of the shimmering booties^
And lastly is Andre1396 wearing the GOM Off White Inspired Silk Dress, which is the 7th gift in the meter (180SD price point). This is such a minimal piece but with a great design, I love the tying of the waist and the draping of the material into a knotted belt. The dress is a great pink colour, but it is a sheer piece, so strategic layering works well here, and I like the collar at the top, it goes nicely against the socks and makes the look pretty sweet^ Also loving the use of the retro clutch bag and also the red earring, it completely catches my eye!

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