Wednesday, 3 January 2018

G I F T - O - M E T E R | Styled Outfits

So we've been enjoying the StarPlaza Holiday Gift-O-Meter since before Christmas, and there's just a couple of days left to make your purchases count towards earning these gifts! I sure filled mine up quickly with the new LE and all the Tributes we've had, and I'm sure it was the same for some of you guys =D I really like most of the pieces and generally quite a few Gift-O-Meter pieces last quite well in my wardrobe so I think these will be good additions, except maybe the reindeer onesie, I think I can pass on that! So I've styled up 4 of the pieces in looks perfect for right now!

1 Star Rock Heels           2 GOM Off White Inspired Silk Dress
The socks+heels trend is one I still haven't gotten behind, for me it's just not something I want to wear, but that doesn't mean that I don't think it looks bad, I think it can be great with the right combination^ These Star Rock Heels combine the two for me, and I was glad to give them a go. On my doll I went all out with the silver and I think it's a look that works! The heels match so well with these jeans and jacket, that I couldn't resist this over the top combination. The second look uses this new LE dress, and I think it looks alright and a little different for me, but pair nicely with this fringed bag^ Then the GOM Off White Inspired Silk Dress which I styled up but in a winter way with the coat, I like the cream colour against the pink, and I loved accessorising with these rose gold glittery pieces, they're great to make the look stand out =)

1 Saint Laurent Inspired Acid Denim           2 Check My Dress
And taking a more relaxed styling approach with these next pieces from the Gift-O-Meter. I think absolutely everyone has styled the Saint Laurent Inspired Acid Denim and so coming up with something super unique is difficult when I feel like I've seen them styled with everything! But I'm pleased with this look, I like the faded black of this overcoat, it's an interesting piece that I wish I hadn't forgotten about in my wardrobe^ The grey of the sweater adds to that, and I kept it a little dark with the boots and belt. I like this vibe for these jeans and I think once the fad of them dies down in a few months I'll work out some more stylings for them =) I had so much fun working with the Check My Dress, I love it! It's great as a skirt, and I love it with other prints like this blazer, and it's super easy to pair with accessories, especially when you love black boots like I do^ I like the fur stole over the shoulder too, and in the second look I went a little more simple with just a black fur for this one with some white accessories for a more plain look. I love the length of this dress and wth the current print I think it will have a lasting popularity!

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  1. Im in love with first outfit! Ohh, why I didn't buy this dress? //Golda89