Friday, 19 January 2018

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A performance and glitzy inspired Royalty collection hit the Plaza this week, and although it's a small collection it's got plenty to offer! Quite a few of the pieces aren't ones which work for me, so I don't think this release needs a review, but it sure can have a Styling post! For me there are two stand-out looks from the store, the first of those being the Mugler Inspired Blazer and Tailored Pants - a smart two-piece suit which has minimal yet fantastic design, and I think they've also been the most popular pieces from this release. This first feature, from Bay_Watch11, uses both pieces in this cool winter smart styling. The tone of the pieces look great against the muted blue of the top and the shoes, it looks fab, and I love the bow detailing added at the neck. The long wavy hair really suits the style too^
And a second look, France25 wearing just the Mugler Inspired Blazer, and it really stands out in the look with the use of the bright white jeans against the darker colour of the blazer. I also love the neutral sweater, it looks great for a minimal piece. Also loving the little frill collar and the bow at the neck^ The trainers are a great fitting addition for the whole style =)
While I love the suit pieces, I decided I'd do two styling of the Taylor Inspired Rainbow Sequins Dress, which I absolutely adore! It's just the sweetest of pieces and ever so stylish, plus I'm a huge fan of Taylor, so this dress is a must have on that part^ My first thought for styling this piece was to layer it with a black polo, so I did that in my first styling where I then added a lot of shiny black in the jacket and boots, I really like this against the shimmer of the dress. I think the blue bag is an interesting colour touch and I think it works well with the rainbow of the dress. For the second styling, I'm so glad that I worked this one out because I think it looks amazing! Love the pinks with the skirt, I think it highlights the pinks and purples in the dress and I really think it works so well with this look - in fact I really don't wanna take this outfit off at all =D

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