Sunday, 21 January 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Dior Inspired Wide Leg Denim

A brand new monthly segment for the new year that I thought would be super fun! I see a lot of 'Week In Outfits' videos on Youtube, so I decided to do something a little similar for my doll, but '1 week 1 piece' - so styling up a piece in 6 different ways on my doll! (Yes I know a week is 7 days, but 6 looks fits better in my styling template!) I think it sounds fun and maybe a great mini-challenge^ So to start the segment off, the Dior Dior Inspired Wide Leg Denim which I've seen worn so much over the month and am feeling super inspired to join in =D
Poolside sun, catching rays
I really like the bright white against the blues of the jeans, I think the lightness really makes a look stand out so I wore the theme twice in these two different stylings to start the looks off =)
1 | Love this ribbed shirt, the frilled trim is the sweetest and I love it with the jeans. The baby blue blazer is a good fit with the darker denim. I love the pointed shoes with the jeans, and the bag + sunglasses are a total favourite of mine with these jeans^
2 | Making use of one of our January Hotbuys pairing these wedges with the jeans and I love it! The jeans can look smart too, this shirt and white over shoulder blazer really dress up the denim and the shirt adds all the detail that the outfit needs.
 Parisian streets, Parisian stripes
After seeing a lot of stylings of these jeans with stripes, I knew I wanted to work with them in my own looks and I had so many pieces to choose from! I like that these jeans look great with both light and dark stripes so it provides a lot of options.
3 | A dark stripe styling, I like layering this muted colour stripe sweater with a polo and I think the style looks good with these jeans too. I stuck to traditional 'me' with the furry coat, but I like the warmth of it in the styling, and picked some minimal accessories so you're really drawn to the stripes.
4 | And how could I not do a traditional black and white stripe styling?! I love this one, it's a real classic, and I like the larger area of white at the neck with a smaller region of stripes. This coat adds great detail to the outfit, and I really love this cute little bag, it works so well with everything =)
Whiling away casual hours at the weekend
Attempting casual stylings, and I think I got 50% right^ These jeans work with so many pieces and styles of clothing, so it was easy to come up with different tops and sweaters to work with them, and shoes as well! Slouched and oversized fits for the win with these jeans too =)
5 | I love this sweater with the jeans soooo much!!! I think it's got a perfect style and fit with the jeans, the oversizing is perfect with the wide legs, I will definitely be wearing this one again! This one has stripes too, but they're much more minimal compared to previous and I love them with the wide panels on the jeans. Plus these trainers are great with the jeans!
6 | And while there is some casual-ness from this shirt, it is quite work-wear based. However it's a great fit with the jeans and I love the tone of it with them. It also makes a good base for this blue bag, the style of which I think is nice against the jeans. It may not be hugely casual, but I think it's not a bad attempt^

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