Tuesday, 16 January 2018

It's in the Stars

As per usual, I find myself with Tribute Fatigue. So many lovely releases being enjoyed by so many all at the same time. Sometimes you need a break and usually this is when I go diving through the bazaar to cleanse.

I don't always come away with something, but this time I found this lovely Young Hollywood dress for a rather reasonable price, under what it was originally bought for. What with my recent commitment to wear all the colours, this is a good pick for me.

It's a gorgeous, unusual dress, but who knew it'd make such a great skirt?! One of my favourite fashionable conceits is a floaty skirt paired with a nice oversized jumper. Adding in some delicate warm gold & black accessories and I think this look is the perfect example of the casual/formal dichotomy. 

Ingredients / You Will Need
Dakota Met Gala Dress | Young Hollywood
Oversize Gown Top | Voile
Black Crystal Earrings | Tingeling Halloween Couture
Western Gold Buckle Belt | Versace Tribute 
Chanel Globe Purse | Inspired by Chanel Tribute
Black and Gold Coco Watch | Couture Tribute
Strappy Rivet Heels | Millionaire Mansion Fashion

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