Wednesday, 10 January 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | January 2016

And here we are revisiting the January 2016 Hotbuys! These Hotbuys look a glamorous bunch with quite distinct styles, I have to say they don't hugely catch my attention much, with a lot of sheer and shorter lengths, so for me they don't fit my style but I think they will work well for others. I styled up the Precious Handbag in the Bag It Up Challenge, and while I liked it a little I definitely found a good piece in the City Bag, and I do get some decent wear from the Silver Heels. I focused on some of the other accessories for these stylings today, the Wrap Up Booties and the Fringe Earrings:
I have to say I'm not feeling much more enthusiastic about these after styling as compared to before, so I think these two will be ones that I sell soon. For the first look with the booties I struggled to find an ideal pair of trousers that worked great for them, these seemed to be a good pair to settle on, being quite fancy with their wide leg and the shorter length is good for showing off the wrapped style. I like the pops of yellow, but I don't think they do anything good for the boots. With the earrings I think I styled them better before! I kept with the fringing theme in the bag, which works nicely, but I struggled to find clothing that highlighted what the earrings had to offer and ended up with a 'settled' look.

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