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T R I B U T E S G A L L E R Y | Tribute Review

I was surprised by this 5th Tribute, Tributes Gallery, to our winter season, I thought we were finished with them this time, but this is a fantastic addition =D The homepage ad makes me drool, it's got great colours, I like the design and I think it shows off a great portion of what to expect from the store, super excited!

Highlights This release was just one floor, as the previous releases of this store have been, and it covers a couple of types of accessories. I find my eyes drawn in so many directions with this one, it really grabs your attention and I think it does such a great job! I like the styles and the range of pieces chosen, I really do think this one has something for everyone =)
Accessories So not much variation to report about as the whole store is accessories, which gets kudos from me as we've sometimes been lacking in accessories in the Tribute releases so now there's a whole store of accessories to keep me happy^ So I'l start briefly with the odd-pieces-out, the only pair of sunglasses, the Gucci Inspired Pearl Sunglasses, which are a snazzy modern style which have a blue-tinged lens and the frame is focused on the outside of the lenses and not in the centre, which I think does look quite good and makes them stand out against other pairs - they're just not a style that I know I would wear! And then the Maison Michel Inspired Pearl Tassel Hat, which is quite smart, and I really am surprised that I like the design, and also the navy colour, however it's another piece I just know that I won't wear.
     Shoes There are 4 pairs in the store, and all different in style, design and colour which gives you some great choices - I'll go through them in terms of leg height I think! First up the pair that aren't 'me' at all, the Gianvito Rossi Inspired Thigh Highs, some sort of a cross between a sort of sock-boot and heels with stockings, they're certainly something different^ I don't personally like the look of these on the doll, and I think what puts me off is the lack of stocking at the sides of the feet in between the straps of the sandals (put them on, you'll know what I mean!) so I think they're a little too different for me, and generally not really a style I find versatile. The other two pairs definitely won my affections and I bought both of them. Next are the Tartan Thigh High Boots which are just kind of amazing! The tartan is in black and white, so it makes them into the popular checked style that is just everywhere, so that makes them a popular piece - I've seen them worn so many time already! They look great on the doll and have an overall great shape and style, there's not much more I could ask from them, I really like them already =) Next ankle boots with the Gucci Floral Inspired Booties which I adore! The colours on these are fantastic, I love the loose design around the ankle and also all the gold detailing that covers them. And the final pair of shoes calls out to my pink-loving side, the Manolo Blahnik Inspired Pumps which are the sweetest shade of magenta and have a really cute silver brooch detail on the front. They have a classic heel shape with a really nice almost-pointed toe, and I think they're just pretty perfect^
     Bags There are 6 bags in the store and split pretty evenly across styles; handbags, crossbodies and backpacks. For the most part, I really like what's on offer =) The two handbags are the D&G Inspired Siciliy Rose Handbag, which I'm not so sure about for myself (and have yet to see anyone wear - do any of you guys like it?!), and then the Miu Miu Inspired Handbag which is just looking like such a classic piece in terms of design. I love the twisted handle and the size and the pretty almost raspberry colour, it's just beautiful and will work with a lot of different styles of looks^ The two crossbodies are really quite something, first the Gucci Inspired Frog Green Crossbody which is just the epitome of Gucci style, I love it from the design to the colour! Green is one that I always like the idea of but never quite have anything in the right shade so I'm super excited to work with this piece^ And then the Gucci Inspired Crossbody Bag which is bright pink with the phrase 'GUCCIFY' across the front - it's a clear statement and I think the piece looks really great - I'm just not sure how versatile I would find it if I bought it, but one of the features below is really selling it well! I bought both of the backpacks in the end - I love the pink colour of the Givenchy Inspired Hot Pink Backpack. It has a classic shape and I like the overall design of the piece. And a little more embellished is the Gucci Inspired Denim Backpack, I adore the denim of this bag, it's just perfect and I love the pearl embellishing, it's so current and how it's been done looks great. The zips and the straps on this bag look good too, no little detail has been forgotten =)
Prices The prices range from 14 to 35SD's, however just one piece is over 30SD. I think everything is priced ok for what it is, I know I will get wear out of the items, so I am someone who doesn't mind the price so much. And nothing is SS or Royalty only, so everything is available for everyone =)
Styled Outfits So I went ahead and posted my styling of the Gucci Inspired Denim Backpack over on What I Wore On Stardoll, because I really squashed 6 pieces into these 3 stylings already^ First up I've worn the Tartan Thigh High Boots and Givenchy Inspired Hot Pink Backpack - I really think any bright colour will work well with these boots! I continued the check in the blazer and loved adding this grey skirting and a polo, I think it's a smart look with a preppy twist^ And I enjoyed adding a little keyring to the bag^ In the second look I've gone a tad more casual - wearing the Manolo Blahnik Inspired Pumps and Miu Miu Inspired Handbag with jeans and a sweater. I think these light tones are perfect for the pinks of the pieces, they really let them pop. I also love the little red in the belt and sunglasses I've added, I think it works nicely when I didn't have a perfect raspberry belt to add! And the final look, a little more masculine-esque, with the Gucci Floral Inspired Booties and Gucci Inspired Frog Green Crossbody which I think is a perfect pairing, and I really adore the look I've put together for them! The mustard sweater has a great tone against the grean and the neutrals in the rest of the clothing make a good base for these pieces to really pop from the outfit =D
Features There are so many creative stylings with this release, it's awesome to see =) First up is Claudentia wearing the Manolo Blahnik Inspired Pumps and Gucci Inspired Crossbody Bag in a beautiful, elegant, regal look which just yells 'PRINCESS' and I love it! This bag is over the top, so what better way to style it than adding more glamour to the mix?! I love all of the silver jewels and trims added to the look to tie in with both the bag and shoes, they work well. And it's definitely not too much pink or purple, the gown skirt is amazing!
A couple of looks with the Tartan Thigh High Boots, it's great to see how versatile people are finding them. This first one is from GossipGirlSBC, wearing them with the Gucci Inspired Pearl Sunglasses too. I like the styling with these shorts, the lengths of each of the pieces is a perfect combination. And I really like this shade of denim with the check, it looks great. The sheer body is a great compliment to the bottom half of the look, and the blue Fendi bag is good to work with the denim and the shade of the sunglasses =)
And a second look with the Tartan Thigh High Boots, Isabella8103 is going all out with the gingham and checks and boy does it work well! I was totally gonna wear my boots with this skirt until I saw this outfit and knew I would never come close to how good this is! I love the off shoulder gingham shirt in this mix, it's perfect with the skirt, and the white shirt underneath adds such a dressed feeling - as do the accessories of the bag and the glasses. Plus I think this is a great sell for the belt, it looks amazing in this outfit!
A colour change to blues in this look from Mia1435 featuring the Gucci Inspired Denim Backpack and it's amazing to see it looking amazing with another tone of denim, I'm so glad that it does^ The blue knit ontop looks good and brings a nice casual vibe to the style - plus you'll also see the Gucci Inspired Pearl Sunglasses there too perched on the bag, they look pretty cute there^
And finally another checked blazer, but no matching boots! This look from sarah_1980 uses the Gucci Floral Inspired Booties and Gucci Inspired Frog Green Crossbody like I have, but in a totally different way - they are so great together! I love the pieces with this printed skirt, it's a great tie for them both and suits the styles of each really well. I'm also loving this Gucci skirt used as a top so the logo is at the neckline, that works really well in this outfit!

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