Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Seeing Double

My original name for this post was 'New Moon, Who Dis?' but I've probably busted my pun quota for this month already. 

Whenever Ink'd has a release, I'm rarely interested in the designs as tattoos - I think they always make better embellishments for clothing.  This moon is a prime example - it's a pretty cute design, but on skin? I think this'd look closer to a healing bruise...

 Sized up and strategically placed on a shirt however? Fabulous. Throw on some basics with a sporty edge and you're basically insta-ready.

 So why two looks? Firstly, I liked both approaches - you can wear an embellishment as a little patch or as a full on print. Secondly, I know that I have expensive taste, so my first look is an attempt to style a slightly more accessible, cheaper look that hopefully has the same impact.  

Ingredients / You Will Need
Look 1
Moon Tattoo | Ink'd Loose Fit Crewneck Tshirt | Vinyl 
Levis Inspired Vintage Belted Denim | Vinyl 
 Satin Bomber Jacket | Wild Candy
Light Pink Glasses | Bonjour Bizou
Urbanista Headphones | Free Gift
Crocco Crossbody | Pretty 'n' Love 
White Chelsea Boots | Basics
Tiffany Shoes | Voile

Look 2
Moon Tattoo | Ink'd  
White Plain Crew Neck Tee | Vinyl
Cream Coat | Hot Hot Buys 
Levis Inspired Vintage Belted Denim | Vinyl
Parisian Barett Hat | Bonjour Bizou 
McQueen Skull Scarf | Museum Mile
Sport Bag | Film Theory Classics 
Aquazzura Inspired Dreamy Velvet Boots | Tributes Gallery

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