Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Plastic Wrapped

These boots are a little bit of deja vu, no? I originally bought a similar pair from Stardoll Feat. and didn't really no what to do with them. Yet somehow, I still bought these and still don't really know what to do with them. No time like the present to remedy that. 

I won't be beaten by two pieces of expensive clingfilm.

If I get stuck in a rut when trying to make an outfit around one particular piece, I usually do one of two things - I either search for the thing that is the most obviously different (if it's black choose something white, if it's fluffy pick something smooth etc) OR I try to find everything I own that is similar. 
In this case, I've gone for the latter and tried to pick out as many things that are clearish plastic as possible. When working with transparency, layering is your friend as it creates visual interest, especially if your doll is as glow-in-the-dark-pale as mine. The red as an underlayer also picks up the way that transparent plastic transforms colour. 

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the effect, even if it makes me feel sweaty just looking at it...

Ingredients / You Will Need
Chanel Inspired Clear Boots | Limited Edition
Sheer Overlay Jacket Dress | Bonjour Bizou
HotBuys Vinyl Bouquet Coat | Rio
Burgundy Top by Marley | Pals
Mr Sunglasses | Mr.
Black Crystal Necklace | The Jetset
Braided Chain Bag | Nelly.com

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