Sunday, 12 March 2017

We Wear Hotbuys M A R C H | Pearl Embellished White Denim

And here we are with the next HB of the weekend, the Pearl Embellished White Denim jeans! These are from It Girls and cost a slightly eyewatering 36SD's ... =S Sure the price is expensive, but as a whole the HBs are cheaper than they got last year so I believe this will be an exception really. I like the embellishments at the pockets and I really like the overall cut of the jeans on the doll, the length and hem style is great, I just with they didn't have huge rips, for me it's a factor which gives them a little of a thumbs down however I do think there are some good solutions for this out there =D
Despite some reservations at the start, I do think these jeans have some potential and I found it easy to find at least a couple of pieces to work with them - they just need a little time to find their place! And vote in the poll as always: