Wednesday, 8 March 2017

W I N D O W S O N T H E W O R L D J A P A N | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

A little of a surprise release on Friday of a new Windows On The World themed on Japanese style! We've had something of fairly similar styles previously, and the kimono-style isn't one that's so much for me but I did manage to get myself some great pieces in the release. So instead of a review I thought I would so a Styled By You / / Styled By Me post because I spotted some great looks to feature over the weekend! First up is France25 wearing the Emilio Pucci Inspired Kimono in this sleek and silver-based look. I really like the tight white midi dress underneath as a base, and it gives a good standing for this white belt-bag which looks great with the kimono along with the silver draped earrings.
Next up is ThePerpetua wearing the Issey Miyake Inspired Blouse which has an atypical style kimono blouse with a cool geometric pattern and golden tone. The black is a solid colour contrast for the outfit, but I think the trousers are a really good pairing and fit. The accessories are cool and the furry keychain is a perfect match for the top^
And lastly Mia1435 styling the Yamamoto Vintage Inspired Shirt in this sweet vintage-styled dressed up look which is pretty perfect for the sweater! I like the pearls styling with the sweater, and the use of the polka-dot tights too. The white skirt looks good with the shirt part of the top and I think it's definitely a trend that could be followed with a lot of other clothing items =D
So I too bought the Yamamoto Vintage Inspired Shirt because I'm a big sweater fan and this styling is definitely unique and something that could add that something special to a look with the split front. I didn't plan on both looks having the same colour scheme or being super similar but at least I've done one with trousers and one with a skirt, right?! I liked adding the polo underneath in the first styling (as I do with most things) but I kept a covered base with the high-waisted trousers and knee high boots. Kept it bright with these orange clutches, which I also did in my second look with the bag too. I wore a dress in the second look, and I like the light-ness the white adds to the sweater compared to the black trousers. I wanted to add outerwear to this look without covering up the sweater too much, so this furry stole was my compromise ... not sure it was the best idea really, but the rest of the accessories are good in my books!

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