Monday, 6 March 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #124

Start of another week and a new challenge post! This time featuring two Hotbuys from the 2016 offerings - the D&G Inspired Citrus Bag and the Zipped Black Bag, both cross body pieces which do seem just a bit large in size as to what they maybe should be! I have to say that I like these two looks with these bags as a pair, I think they work very nicely together! Firstly on the left, the D&G Inspired Citrus Bag and I've really picked out the colours on the piece to choose my clothes, with the orange sweater a main piece in that choice. I'm glad I chose this furry vest too as I think it helps make the focus on the colour and the bag rather than just seeing a big pop of orange and not noticing the bag so much. Casual styling with these trainers too, one of my favourite things to do these days^ And secondly on the right Zipped Black Bag, which I've actually worn at least a few times since buying it, and I'm very happy with how this slightly different citrus-style worked out! The printing lets the bag stand out but I didn't want the look to solely focus on that so I added a base of black to really let the colouring of the bag take a centre spot =D Overall - really happy with these!

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