Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #126

Today I'm featuring two burgundy pieces, both of which I've had for a reasonable amount of time. Firstly the Burgundy Shoulderbag from Givenchy which has been around for rather a long time, and I do have to say I have used it a few times and quite recently too in HB stylings, so that's good for this piece! It's in a popular shoulderbag style so already it gets a bonus point, and I do find this specific shape pretty easy to get into stylings with other clothing. I really like the combination I used with this piece, the cream colours really make the burgundy stand out, and I love the style of the bag and sweater together! Also really like the little glimpse of the belt I've added, I think it looks good there^
And secondly the Marsala Side Fringe Tote from Bizou which is actually a recent release from January that I really haven't had a chance to think about yet. I immediately knew I wanted to pair it with these matching trousers and I like bringing the spring look with the pale pink top and cream accessories, it's a nice way to style both the bag and the typically-winter trousers =)

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