Tuesday, 14 March 2017

We Wear Hotbuys M A R C H | McQueen Inspired Sneakers

Next HB today, and another pair of trainers, the McQueen Inspired Sneakers! These are from Original Future and cost 14SD's. For me initially I preferred this pair over the platforms so I'm interested to see how these fare on my doll! I like the little blue on the heel, I think it stands out quite nicely and will really emphasise on the colours included in the look. My only little doubt is how the big velcro straps will look in styles whether they will seem a little tacky or not.
After putting them on, I don't find the velcro straps a problem really, you don't notice them so much, do you? These definitely get my thumbs up and I can say for sure that I prefer these over the other pair of shoes this month! I know we do get quite a lot of white trainers in the Plaza but I think overall these will fit in nicely with everyone's white trainer collection =D And vote in the poll too, I think it might be a tough one:

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