Thursday, 2 March 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #123

And another challenge post already! I've really been enjoying these =D Today I'm styling two pieces themed on neon! Neon isn't something I wear a lot, or even just occasionally, I really rarely wear this style, but I do like both of these bags =D Firstly is the Antidote Triple A Transparent Bag which is a super old piece (it came out January 2013!) that I've had since its days in the Plaza and really don't wear much but I have worn it a few times. I didn't really have any specific pieces in mind when I started the look but I knew I wanted at least one of the colours in the bag to be worn in the clothes ... silver just came so naturally, I know I just wore this top a few times this week already! But overall I'm really pleased with the outfit, and happy that I'm giving a different style a go =) Secondly is the Riviera Leopardo Print Purse, another item I have had for yonks (since May 2012 to be precise) and have worn only sporadically^ I'm alright with this look, but I did try some brighter more pop-like combinations yet nothing seemed perfect for it ... maybe I should try harder at not settling for just fine!

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