Tuesday, 21 March 2017

R U N W A Y | Styled Outfits

We had a new Runway release a couple of weeks ago and I found it rather underwhelming compared to the previous releases we've had in this store, so that was a bit of a let-down. Eventually I decided to give these Elie Saab Inspired Couture Caged Heels a go mostly because of the golden elements to the toe and I do love a good golden-accent in an outfit! There's even some left in the Plaza if you're now feeling inspired^
I tried to go for different directions with my stylings, choosing different bases and pieces in each look although baby-blue is a big feature. In the first look I loved this blue polo paired with the blue blazer and I liked using this darker skirt as contrast - with all that blue, black would have been too dark and I think this is a good compromise. For the second look I tried to bring bright with this great summer dress, which just so happens to have blue in it too. I like adding the black polo because I felt with the style I was going for the neck and the arms were just too much skin, and the black isn't too much because of the black lines of the dress =D And lastly, my most 'ready for summer' look! These blue trousers are a perfect fit for the shoes, I'd definitely wear them again^ And I felt like keeping it light and airy with this off shoulder top - and who could resist adding some gold?! This bag was a good fit, the size is perfect to not draw too much attention from the shoes.

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