Tuesday, 14 March 2017


After a slew of uninspiring releases, I was very excited to come home to news of Runway appearing in the Starplaza. However, as the store loaded, my heart sank to see nothing of note in there. 
Whether it be for better or for worse, I'm never one to walk away from a release empty-handed so I claimed the Schiaparelli Inspired Couture Playsuit.  

Fun fact - I'm kind of allergic to playsuits in general so this was a surprise buy for me. I love jumpsuits, I love overalls, but playsuits make me feel uncomfortable. I don't think they're ever flattering unless you've got legs up to your armpits and they've recently been bronzed and oiled. 
With the above in mind, I've decided to style the playsuit as more of a vest - the shape and style are subtle enough that I think it can be fudged in such a manner with some success. 

It's the ambiguity that made me this that this could be the piece with the most potential from the release. It can be worn under trousers or a skirt too, as more of a body, but I think it's a shame to compromise those graphic dots, as off-centre as they are...

Ingredients / You Will Need
Schiaparelli Inspired Couture Playsuit | Runway
LE Elegant Over the Shoulders Jacket | Limited Edition
Cropped Turtleneck | Evil Panda
Billowing Black Trousers | Callie's Picks
Crisp Flare Top | Fever
HotBuys Vinyl Bag | Rio
Dior Inspired Heels | Museum Mile

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  1. The only thing I wanted were the red boots because I have a thing for thigh highs, and the dress, it was so my style, unfortunately they were both sold out before I even logged in ;p