Thursday, 30 March 2017


It's been a while since Stardoll gifted us this Womens Day Tee, but I've kinda been saving it up to include in a Styled Outfits post =D I attempted, as usual, different styles - I think it was sort of successful with casual then done up and then ... something else, probably slightly crazy! But I like all three of the styles nonetheless.
Casual - this tee works well with jeans, I think that is quite a given as most tees do work with jeans, but I love these high-waisted culotte ones particularly, I think it's the darker blue denim rather than going for a washed style. I think the crop adds to the casual-ness and I liked keeping a little classy with my white blazer and belt and loafers!
Dressed up - white trousers do well in dressed up situations and I think the tee fits that style very well, especially these widelegged pair =D This beautiful pink colour works with anything (at least I make it fit) and so this seemed like a great opportunity to show both the versatility of the shirt and the colour, love this overcoat with the tee and accessorising with this belt, giving a fashionable designer touch to the piece.
Crazy - yeah that's how to describe this slightly random combination of pieces! I liked the idea of these flared tasseled trousers with the tee giving a lot of detail to contrast just the slogan, but then I also though the long sleeves looked good too ... maybe not but worth a try! The furry vest would work with the tee in lots of different situations though, so I think this would be a piece to try again, maybe with a skirt next time^

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