Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #130

Mid-week challenge post - featuring a couple of old Hotbuys today! These are two pieces I wasn't 100% convinced about at their time of release and I'm happy to say that I have at least given one of these pieces a couple of chances since then and it's growing on me^ First up the Neat Stripe Clutch which was released in February last year so there's been plenty of time for this piece, and I do quite like it now. The tone of the colours is really nice and does give you quite a few colour options for considering for clothing in the style. This time with it I went with that quite prominent of dull yellow and made it pop with these clothing choices - totally love it! I didn't add too much else as I think the top is quite decorated as it is and the stripes are detail enough =) And secondly the slightly more exotic Sequin Cross Body which actually came out almost 2 years ago and I kinda have put off styling even though it's in an awesome shade of orange! I stuck with exotic and choose this orange and green body that I've also been yet to style, and I surprisingly really quite like this - with all that colour in the top half I went for plain black trousers/jackets/boots and I think it works in emphasising the patterns on the other pieces^

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