Thursday, 9 March 2017

Pale pink jewelled up

A little duo feature today! I spotted both lorena2013Icy and MissLucy1990_1_ wearing the Fallen Angel Batwing Blush Body in their stylings, and they really stood out to me as something I should feature at how wearable the piece is - not to mention it's in the sweetest pink colour and I'm all for pink right now^ It works with both skirts and trousers as these looks show and it also works with other pinks but also pale tones, including white, well. The accessories are versatile too, with golden choices on the left and lighter colours on the right, including filling the neckline with these draped pearls - totally works! These looks inspired me to purchase the piece, and tonight I'll be sharing my Styled Outfits with the piece too, so stay tuned for more =D