Friday, 17 March 2017

In the Navy

Every Mr. release is a gift. I swear, an absolute gift. This Gucci inspired sweater has me all hot and bothered. Probably because it's not very season-appropriate.

I don't know how to dress for Spring and I'm not even sorry about it today.

Ingredients / You Will Need
Gucci Inspired Anchor Knit | Mr.
Beige Turtleneck Sweater | Mr.
Camel Wool Coat | Limited Edition
Stylein Inspired Vegan Culottes | Runway
LE Wide Patent Leather Belt | Limited Edition
Luxe Burgundy Boots | Subcouture
Vintage Tortoiseshell Earrings | Couture Tribute
Purple Leather Bag | Inspired by Marc Jacobs Tribute

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