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L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

Loved getting the little tip-off from Stardoll on Thursday that Friday would bring our newest floors of Limited Edition! The logo is great and the pink is fantastically trendy, sending me in a panic that I would adore everything and spend a lot of SD's! The advert is good, very bright and vibrant and showing a mix of pieces - it's totally those lip colours that draw me into it =D
Highlights The release was two floors and very much summer resort themed, but as for clothing there isn't so much a theme as there is 'lot of trends and designers people like' - and it works! For me it makes a store more sellable and wearable if there is a wider range of pieces which will work for a wider range of people and this one ticks the boxes.
Accessories This section really has mostly and shoe and bag focus, with a few other items thrown in here and there. Personally this works out well for me because I don't wear jewellery so much and so I don't find a lot of it adding anything to a store, so the more shoes the better in my eyes^ This release had 4 pairs of shoes, I just bought the 3 of them=P I really liked the choices and styles that the pieces were in, it's great to see Stardoll following what's popular amongst members! So with these I mean the rather fabulous Gold Heel Mules and the quirky yet stylish Backless Loafers which are both fab low/flat shoes to have and I do think there is a reasonable amount of versatility there with them =) Also loving the metallic sheen to the Satin Platform Sandals, I think the pink shade is perfection and fits well with my favourite trend of the moment! There's also the Floral Printed Boots which I can see being popular but from experience I'm not the best with printed boots so I'm giving these a miss, I do quite like the dark cuff on the top of them though, that's a great point about them. There are 3 bags, and I really like these styles for the current season. All 3 are handheld bags and I do find them reasonably similar to each other especially with their use of golden accents. In black there are the LE Bucket Handbag and LE SS2017 Handbag, and I lean towards the second there because I adore shape and circular handle which is super stylish and something I love on bags! And in pink there is the Piercing Handbag which is such a pretty piece and design, so I'm a little sad to have missed out on it, but also excited to see how others incorporate it into their looks! And now the rest - it's a pretty mixed bag of things, there's the Metallic Sphere Earring which is pretty high up on the glamorous scale with amazing detail and great ruby gemstones. The LE Tricolor Sunglasses definitely stand out because they're quite front and centre in the adverts.
Clothing And now the main attraction, all those clothes, and it's hard to think about where to start! So I think I'll go for those dresses which is probably one of the smaller categories with 5 pieces on offer - it's a good mix with bright and also minimal pieces to choose from. Both the Patchwork Dress and McQueen Inspired Floral Ruffled Dress stand out with their patterns and prints, and the colours of the pair of them are very present, which I love. Then the minimal styles with the longer pieces and a slightly romantic colour scheme with the Striped Lace Dress, Blush Flowy Dress and LE Silk Midi Dress with their beautiful shapes and their greatly designed flow and folds^ I'm not so much one for dresses anymore as I find I get a lot more wear out of individual items, but I was happy to get the Patchwork Dress for the more casual style and I look forward to wearing it later this week in my Styled Outfits post =) There are also 4 of the awfully popular co-ord sets, which I still love and am happy for - although I do find I'm more inclined to wear the individual pieces rather than the set. And these sets are in a great range of bright colours aside from the black Ribbed Cropped Top and Pleated Midi Skirt set =P Neutral with the Nude Tulle Top and Skirt, blushed pink (dreamy^^) with the Blush Belted Blouse and Pants and then super bright and resort appropriate Layered Plisse Top and Skirt which I adore so much, yellow is a great colour, and it's one I think looks fab on my doll! I'm not such a fan of the Blush Belted Blouse, but I think those matching Pants are an absolute winner and I can't wait to work with them. Speaking of trousers, lets just cover the others on offer in the store and for me, all eyes are on the Striped Wideleg Pants, aren't these just amazing?!?! They won't be everyone's style, I know that, but I was in love at the first sight of them, the shape, fit and colouring are all wonderful and I really do think they suit a lot of different dolls and styles. We can't forget two of the most popular pieces in this collection are in this category too, the LE Distressed Fabric Jeans (this style has appeared multiple times in LE collections and they're probably the fastest selling style ever!) and the Leather Belted Pants which also sold very quickly and for good reason, they're awesome! There's a couple of skirts as well, the Utility Twill Miniskirt, which I kinda wish I'd bought now, the rather romantic LE Lace Skirt in versatile black, and then the LE Belted Skirt which proved popular with it's belting/neckline style! I couldn't find anyone wearing the Utility Twill Miniskirt to include in the features, but I hope someone wears it soon, hint hint! Not too many outerwear pieces in this release but they sure were popular - the Embroidered Jacket and LE Jacket Combo are in trendy styles and good fits so it's no wonder that they went like hotcakes - again, although I actually wasn't really interested in getting them, I look forward to seeing them styled. And lastly a whole range of tops, with a good mix actually. I am quite gutted about not getting the Lace Cutout Shoulder Top, but nevermind, there's also the Knit Crop Top, LE Sheer Bodysuit, YSL Inspired Sweetheart Blouse and Cutout Cropped Sweater, which all bring different styles to the store and really cover a range of what people might be looking for to purchase =)
Prices This collection is priced between 19 and 170SD's which pretty much fits exactly with the previous handful of collections - nothing really to complain about, I think pieces were well priced for what they were on the most part. One comment I do have, which is pretty little, is that the app main page gives the wrong prices for the pieces, until you click on individual items then it's right - I had my first look on the app and was like 170 for jeans?!?! But it was definitely not correct!
Features I think these features are a real treat today - a great range of looks and styles with a good range of pieces from the store =) First up are some of the darker pieces from the release. Golden_golden1 wears the Embroidered Jacket and LE Velvet Choker in this dark dressed up styling. I love the use of the thick gold belt in the middle giving a great shape to the black pieces which really let the jacket stand out with the slightly different shade. Also really like the addition of the grey fur, it adds something a little different and really caught my eye!
Next up is Jesika_Stem going with the Ribbed Cropped Top, LE Belted Skirt, Striped Lace Dress and YSL Inspired Sweetheart Blouse - what a lot! I think the look has been put together very well and I like all the different aspects the pieces have each brought to the style, light and cool with the skirting yet dark and grunge-like with the leathers and dark pieces on top - good job!
Just a tad brighter with this next styling from Mia1435 wearing the Lace Cutout Shoulder Top and this is pretty much exactly how I was hoping someone would style it, it's perfection =) Love the striped matched shoes, they're a fab fit with the shirt, as it making good use of the lace and choosing this floral skirt. The bag is a thoughtful choice too, loving the addition of black stripes over blue with it!
Slowly getting more bright with this fourth feature, pandaribbon wearing the Striped Wideleg Pants in this springtime look. The red is a great fit for the blue and is so attention grabbing! Love the paler blues emphasising the navy but also the use of the quilted white with the top. Overall the look is pretty inspiring for these trousers =)
And all the colours! Most colourful outfit goes to Mery.- styling the LE Silk Midi Dress and LE Pantashoes, and really upping the ante from how they were combined in the store! I love them with these blue trousers, such a great colour fit, and I think the red accessories are great! Makeup and beauty look can't be ignored either, that eye makeup is spot on =D

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