Thursday, 2 March 2017

Hello - Sunnysidessue

Hi! I'm Lucy, AKA SunnySidesSue and I'm the new guest blogger for the Month of March!

Before I get into this, I wanted to post a quick "about me" to introduce myself - complete with a couple of my favourite outfits, of course. Hopefully I didn't write too much, and you get a nice idea of my outfits to come.

I'm from New Zealand, I'm attending my second year of University. Oh, and I'm a cat person. 

Evil Panda Denim Cat Dress / Voile Sheer Brassai Dress / Callie's Picks Stardoll Polo / Mortal Kiss Peacock Ermine Shrug / Original Future Chunky Frizzy Sweater / Special Offer GOM Fade Out Black Denim / Cheap Monday Longer Skirt / PPQ Cream Label Minimalist Strappy Stilettos / MR Ribcage Computer Case

I've been on stardoll for a few years now, but only in the last 6 months have I begun to really enjoy being a part of the community here. 

I have judged for club FM-Style's 12th and 13th cycles. Last year, I also started up my own stardoll blog, This Is The Doll, as well as guest blogged for A Stardoll Blog (formerly DollyLicious), and Stardoll Starspot. And now I'm here!

Callie's Picks White Tailored Overcoat / Tingeling Halloween Couture Leather Skull Purse / Callie's Picks Two Tone Vest / Clique Baggy Ripped Jeans / It Girls Turtleneck Top / Nelly Platform Ankle Strap Pump

There's little I hate more that things that don't quite match. Off white with white. Or green-black with coal-black. Shudder.

Right now, though, I'm absolutely head over heels for poofy sleeves, layers, fishnet socks, scarves and loads of layers. Did I mention layers? Because I really love layers... maybe a little too much sometimes!

Mortal Kiss Peacock Ermine Shrug / Evil Panda Feather Boa / Inspired By Marc Jacobs Tribute Just Oversized Coat / PPQ of Mayfair White PPQ Scarf / PPQ of Mayfair Sleeveless White Turtleneck / Callie's Picks White Cape Top / Fallen Angel Vail Beanie / Nelly High Heel Platform Boot / Voile White Princess Ball Skirt x2 

So, I look forward to blogging here and I hope to post many more great outfits in the month to come!

- Love, Lucy