Tuesday, 28 March 2017

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Styled Outfits

The recent Callie's Picks Runway to Workplace is very much Tribute-based and being someone who has been around for them all, I don't feel like there are 'new' pieces here that I want to pick up but a few of the little extra pieces are definitely a lot more spot on - one piece I have to pick out that I wear all the time are the Blushed Tapered Trousers! I ended up buying a couple of pieces and I think they work out pretty versatile, although sticking to the store theme I decided to style them with a slight workwear focus =) First up are the Baby Blue Trousers which have a pretty spring tone and a great shape to them. I love a good cropped style, so these ones are right up my street^ I liked pairing them with other blues and darker tones to let the lightness standout, and I think they do totally work with these black heels as well. In the middle I've gone with the very affordable Everyday Long Blazer in this sports-work look, and I love it! The yellow is a great pop for the black and it's an easy piece to wear in different ways and I like showing the glamorous side with the shoes and bags. And lastly I've chosen the Knit Sweater Blouse, which I was a little unsure of at first because I don't like the shape so much, but the colour and patterns are a yes! It was easy enough to cover up the shape with a blazer, but I think I'd like the grow to like this more. The colour suits white and silver well very naturally so I went this direction for this time, maybe I'll step out of the box for the next wear =D

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