Saturday, 18 March 2017

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I, alike most people it seems, am super impressed with this latest Mr. release in the Plaza! Some great versatile pieces that will also work for us girl dolls as well as the guys and everyone's really hopped on this bandwaggon^ The Vetements Inspired Red Sweatshirt is definitely a popular choice and it was easy to find a good couple of features to show it off. Firstly ccaauu1414 really putting emphasis on the loose shape and fit by pairing it with skinny black jeans making the red pop. Love the casual use of trainers compared against the golden-based crossbody bag and the fab makeup and beauty style, it works nicely for this piece =)
And secondly RawrGoregous going for a street yet covered up style, just giving a hint at the red amongst the baggy black trousers and loose quilted coat. I love the little bits of red added in the accessories like those boots and the writing on the cap, they both stand out well with the sweater. Also really like the sheer black polo added below the sweater, it works well!
And so I also bought the Vetements Inspired Red Sweatshirt to style - it's not my typical piece but I'm enjoying experimenting with styles! I found it easy to match with a lot of different pieces in my wardrobe, so that's a good start, but I went with this white coat and some matching jeans, letting the red pop out with the addition of these booties - I quite like this one for a winter to spring transition look =D And I also bought the Striped Shirt With Embroidered Flowers (a little of a mouthful^) because for me it's the epitome of on-trend at the moment^ Love it with this shade of light denim - it's a combination which could be used with countless shoes and accessories although I went with white to kinda pair my looks together. I think the flat shoes are an awesome choice in this look =D
There are a lot of other good pieces too in this release, so for my second round of purchases I'm definitely thinking about the Aqua Blue Denim Shirt for the great vibrant shade of denim and the Gucci Inspired Anchor Knit which I think could be a popular choice come Autumn!

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