Sunday, 5 April 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 5

Another Sunday has rolled around, time for another Wear Dem Jewels post! This week I've picked the Supersize Antidote Hoops from Antidote to style. These came out around 2 years ago and I think I've maybe worn them once if ever. They're a pretty nice pair of earrings, but I'm not so much into silver jewellery, I just prefer gold - so why I bought them is a little of a mystery to me!
But I didn't find them too tricky to work with, and despite their thin-ness, I think they do pretty well in standing out when the tall is at full size, the brunettte hairstyling helps too. First up a little Chanel something, I love the pairing of the earrings with the silver striping across this top - it's a piece I really don't wear often, but I think this pairing it perfect for both items. The rest of the look is super simple in black, but with silver additions in the accessories like this chain clutch and the slingback heels - I really like this look, it's an easy to wear one for sure. And then second I went with something a little jazzy and more fun because we totally need more of that right now^ This skirt is such a fun piece, I actually styled it up last year too, but it's a great pairing for silver - I love it with this bling jacket so much =D The pink polo works well to keep it a little muted, while the silver shoes make a nice finishing touch!
With the makeup, I really love silver with lilac shades, and it turns out I have quite a few purple eyeshadows lurking in my Beauty Parlor - would have loved to style up some more purple outfits, but actually I think the makeup styling has been super versatile for these outfits^

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