Monday, 6 April 2020

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | April 2014

Ok, with a shift in things and a little lack of inspiration in some of the releases in the Plaza, I needed to find something else to post about. So I took a look back through the Hotbuys of many years ago and found that I actually had quite a few pieces! So this is April 2014, I really cannot believe this was 6 years ago now. Whilst overall the whole release isn't my style with the chunky boots and ripped tights, I've managed to hold onto both the Striped Blazer (It Girls) and Chains Bag (RIO):
I think I put these looks together a little quickly, they're not my favourite, but I still think these pieces are good ones! The blazer is longer than I remembered it being, which makes it a little trickier to layer with some pieces. I'm really happy these matching red trousers, I like the smarter style of both pieces together. I kept the rest of the look simple, though I'm now wishing I'd tried something a little more snazzy^ I do like these red and black earrings with the look though, however they're a tad hidden in the hairstyle. I think there are plenty of options for this piece for sure! With the bag, I went a little too far with the gold accents, there's something not quite right about the styling. I like the blazer with the wide open neckline with the bag, it definitely brings the attention to the piece, which sits very uniquely on the shoulder. The look needs some more colour so the black of the bag stands out - I think I'll try this one again soon to find some better ways to style it =)

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