Friday, 17 April 2020

S A T I N B L O U S E | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

I spotted this super cute styling from pilo7 this week and just loved the layering combination of the tops - it really highlighted the Satin Blouse from Bizou. This was an Autumn release, but the style is perfect for right now with it's beige colour and fabulous silk texture. The cut of the blouse is really beautiful, it has such a great fit on the doll.
In pilo7's look it was the cool layering that stood out, it's super different the mix the two prints of the tops, but I think it really looks great, the colours are a good fit, and the different styles really make it pop, with the top piece having a more glitzy feel. That works well to make use of the black trousers and shoes in the look, while the little croc bag is a perfect colour fit for the top, I love that combination so much! With my look I knew I wanted a beige tone for the trousers to make it fitting with the blouse, these trousers make a very nice contrast without being too far away from the colour palate - I also really like the wide leg style against the fit design of the blouse, they make a cute combination. I somehow slipped into gold for the accessories without meaning to, it does work well, but I think some red tones would also look great with the blouse details =) Hopefully will see more dolls giving this piece a chance in their stylings soon!

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