Wednesday, 1 April 2020

M K I N S P I R E D M E T B A L L E A R R I N G S | Styled Outfits

This past weekend I was very kindly gifted the MK Inspired Met Ball Earrings from Young Hollywood after I complimented them in a styling - so unexpected but the perfect opportunity for a styling in this time of slightly uninspiring releases. I really have never spotted these before, we all know I'm not too great with wearing jewellery, so that's no surprise!
I loved styling up these earrings, I found it so easy which I think was down to their light colour, it's an easy accessory colour to work with. First up I loved the meshing of this dress, it really keeps it light despite being long, and the colour is perfect with the earrings. The rest of the accessories are matching in colour, everything really fits together quite seamlessly, I really like this look^ Second up also focusing on a pale colour by choosing this coat, which opens up a lot of options for clothing, I chose to go with the black lining with the trousers and the red top works with the colouring on the sleeve. I think it's pretty simple but still an effective styling =) And for the final look, which I think might be my favourite, I stumbled across this jumpsuit in my wardrobe and with it's white piping, it makes the perfect piece to wear with these earrings, I love it^ I kept white on the rest of the accessories and I really think it's worked out very nicely - and it's looking a little lounge-wear suitable which works for a lot of us in RL right now too.

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