Wednesday, 15 April 2020

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Last week Stardoll told us we would get a new window release every day of the week - this has amounted to 4 windows of new VINYL pieces (which could easily be combined into one floor in the store) and also a Callie's Picks one. I think this is a great idea! I love getting a little something new everyday, it keeps the Plaza super fresh and I'm loving the bright colours of the backgrounds to draw you in! There's great Spring vibes to the new pieces, I'm super happy with this and would be happy to have this style of release again. Also you will see that the prices are a little lower than they would normally be, I also like this touch from Stardoll^
First up sharing you some features - it seems you guys also really like these new pieces! Sarah_1980 has styled the White Shirt Headband (4SD's), High Waist Shorts (125SC's) and Dream Heel Orange (120SC's) - a great combination, I am on the fence about this longer style of shorts for myself, but adore this look with them, the oversized half-tuck sweater is a perfect piece in style and colour and the belt is a great finishing touch there. The shoes add a glamorous vibe with their sparkles and the bag is a good match to them. Also love the earrings, they really glamorous the use of the headband!
Next up we have Mythofsoul who is styling the Spring Flower Tshirt (110SC's) and the White Mimmi Heel (5SD's), these are a cute pairing with a lot of potential pairings, this casual one with the light wash mixed denim is cool and works well for both pieces. I love the addition of the neon, it layers very well with the t-shirt, and the colours of the print really pop well against it^
A little of a darker styling next, Mirage. choosing the LV Blouse (8SD's) in this dramatic styling - it works very nicely with these trousers for a smart fit, and I really like the blue printing against the black. The red in the shirt really pops so well with the accessories, the shoes look great (I'd really thought they weren't for me, now I'm reconsidering!) and the bag is super cute, I think it's the perfect size for a well balanced colour pop in a look =D
Ajenkam also styles up the LV Blouse (8SD's) and also pairs it with the White Mimmi Heel (5SD's) - the top is looking great with denim, I love the combination! The blue printing look great with this wash of denim, and it's super creative to pair ontop of the leather shirt, it really makes those colours stand out. The white shoes are super fresh in the styling, and I love the second use of this little bag, again the perfect size for the look =)
And finally, marta-43 wearing the Acne Shirt Male (6SD's), and while this is designed for the guys, this is an amazing way to show it's versatility - I love this look so much for Spring/Summer! The fabrics are super light, and make for such a cute swimwear coverup, the floral pattern is just peaking through beneath and it looks great. I love the pink added in the accessories, it really stands out, and also love this cool earring combination, the style and colour is perfect for the look!
And finally for my stylings - I picked up quite a few pieces over the week so haven't included everything in the stylings. First up pairing the White Mimmi Heel (5SD's) and Ganni Dress (9SD's), I just love this dress so much, I am super pleased to have this for my doll - the shape and design are beautiful, I love the neckline, and the colour is so spot on for current trends. Really there are many shoe options which would work well for the dress, but the white keeps it light, so I have continued this with the rest of the accessories. I'm also super glad to style up these earrings again, a great style with the dress^ Next up the Dot Top (7SD's) and the Stories Handbag (6SD's) - I am still a little unsure about the top, it's not my favourite piece, but I think it has some potential, I'm just not great at layering! I've worked with a little white cami here which isn't too bad, but I think there will be some better options. I've kept the look simple with white trousers and some blue sunglasses to work with the mint of the bag - again, any accessories would work out well with a white-based styling, I particularly like the mint with the white, but look forward to styling it some other ways too =) And finally a darker styling with the LV Boots (130SC's) - I have to say I do like the darker look release a lot, but I'm not sure the pieces are all my style or how well I would wear them. I chose a skirt to keep it a little Spring-like, and this golden/yellow tone works well against the details on the boots. I kept the rest of the styling dark, but I think beige tones would work well too with this. Love the pairing of this bag with the boots, the textures, colours and styles work together so nicely!

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  1. Hey! I've mande an outfit with the LV Blouse ^^ you can check it out here in my Instagram (@juba_sd): https://www.instagram.com/p/B-z8B2cByjo/