Monday, 27 April 2020

B I Z O U | Haul + Styled Outfits

I had recently styled up the Satin Blouse from Bizou and when making my purchase of it I noticed quite a few other items I wanted to give a go in styling Spring looks for - so I made a little of a Bizou 'haul' and styled up the items today!
First up the Zebra Skirt which is a super fun piece, I like the draping and the length, the green colour definitely makes it a unique piece, I'm not sure I've seen many people choosing to style this one. I wanted to try and style it with some other green, but I don't have anything that's quite the right shade, so I'm on the lookout for that in the Plaza or Bazaar! But I love this look anyway, all the white really makes the green pattern pop. This is such a cute look for Spring, I wish I had it in RL to wear^ Then we have the Cherry Blouse, which from afar the pattern doesn't really come across as cherries, but it's pretty cute, I like the ruffle details. I picked super basic trousers, the darker colour really lets the light blouse stand out, and I balanced that with light shoes too. I did struggle a little with accessories, but I think this belt and the bag are a cute pairing, the bag is definitely a great fit with the trousers. And finally the Lace Shirt, which I see more as a cardigan, but a very cute piece with the delicate detailing all over it. I love the round neck and just the slight unbuttoning into a small V. I think I tried on just about every bottomhalf in my wardrobe with this piece, it was a little tricky with the pattern to find something perfect, but in the end I'm really pleased with the all-white look I've gone for. The lack of patterning in the pieces lets the detail really stand out in the styling - I've even gone all out and added earrings, they look so cute in the look, a perfect finishing touch =D

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